California’s State Seal

California’s State Seal - During the constitutional convention,a member named Caleb Lyonpresented a design for a state seal.The seal's design showed thesepictures to tell about ideas that wereimportant to California:
Great Seal of the State of California coloring page for printing.
Goddess Minerva - Minerva (Athenain Greek mythology) in Romanmythology was said to have been bornfrom the head of the god Jupiter intoa full-grown adult. She was includedto show California's quick rise tostatehood without first becoming aterritory like most other states.

Grizzly Bear - California's state animal

Prospector/Miner - The gold rush

Grain - Agriculture

Ships - Economic power and trade

Water - San Francisco Bay

Eureka - written across the top of thepicture and means "I found it". Madepopular during the gold rush becauseprospectors would shout it out whenthey found gold.

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