Jalangi River

Jalangi River (Bengali: জলঙ্গী নদী), is a branch of the Ganges river in Murshidabad and Nadia districts in the Indian state of West Bengal. It flows into the Bhagirathi river and strengthens its lower channel, the Hooghly.

The river below the point where the Jalangi meets the Ganges is known as Hooghly and the course above it from the point of its separation from the main flow of the Ganges to its confluence with the Jalangi, it is called Bhagirathi.

Jalangi near Krishnanagar, West Bengal, India.

Beauty of Jalangi River (Pricky Poppy flowers).

River Jalangi at Krishnanagar.

Ghurni, a neighbourhood of Krishnanagar, a centre for the production of clay dolls, often referred to as Krishnanagar clay dolls, is located on the banks of the Jalangi. Nabadwip, the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is located in the west bank of the united flow of river Jalangi and Bhagirathi. Mayapur is located at the confluence of the Jalanagi and Bhagirathi.

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